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TechnoValue has grown consistently in the field of instrumentation with its dedicated, strategic team effort and genuine dealing with Principal companies, vendors and customers. Our commitment towards customers created a large set of satisfied customers. We cater to various industries like Pharmaceutical, Biopharma, Hospitals, Environmental labs, Data centers, Research and Educational Institutes, HVAC Consultant and Contractors, Food Industries, Automobile Industries, Green Building Technology, Survey & Construction Industry, etc.

At TechnoValue, we express who we are through our Mission, Vision, Core values.  Vision, Core values. We are engaged in providing complete solution from ‘Concept to Completion’ and assured after sales service. With complete technical knowhow and team of experts TechnoValue has diversified it calibration facilities in Ahmedabad and Bangalore having its Head Office Service center in Navi Mumbai. TechnoValue believes in the highest form of accountability, transparency, values, ethics and regulatory compliance and our corporate conduct, culture and policies exude (demonstrate)and promote these traits (distinguishing quality) in all our employees.

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About Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The quality of air we breathe affects us all. Air quality monitoring may involve measuring particle mass (PM), particle number concentrations (PN), particle size, or collecting particles for later chemical analysis.

Poor IAQ is listed as a top five health concern by most major associations and agencies worldwide. As a result businesses, governments, schools, building owners & managers around the world are increasingly focused on achieving and maintaining good indoor air quality. indoor air quality is also measured continuously and proactively to ensure that good air quality is maintained for the health, safety and comfort of a buildings inhabitants. Indoor air quality measurements typically include temperature, humidity, draft, particles (PM2.5) and gases such as CO and CO2. Indoor air quality measurements typically include temperature, humidity, draft, particles (PM2.5) and gases such as CO and CO2. When combined with other information (such as weather data, or concentration of gaseous pollutants), air quality monitoring can give us a detailed picture of the quality of air we all breathe.

Our Mission

We are focused on delivering innovative and accurate solutions that enhance our customer’s abilities to attain Organisational goals.

Our Values

Caring : for customers, employees / Teamwork : working cooperatively with our customers, employers, partners and communities for the mutual

Our vision

To be a leading company globally that best understands & satisfies the customer’s needs in the field of instrumentation products